The Secret Place: Cassandra’s Closet


The Secret Place: Cassandra’s Closet Paperback – October 23, 2020



Dr. Cassandra Scott asks the question: “Are You Ready to Enter In?”God has a mandate on my life to teach, train and demonstrate to you how to access God in THE SECRET PLACE. Through the pages of this book, I have walked with you step by step sharing the How, Where, When and Why God is calling YOU to Himself in your new found SECRET PLACE.I pray that in this anointed book, you have find assistance from knowing my secrets of how to enter in to that deeper richer place of intimacy in relationship with God. I have placed your hand into my hand as I show you to the door of THE SECRET PLACE with God. Now you must let the Word of God lead you in alone to meet Him.I pray that after reading “THE SECRET PLACE,” you will never be the same. The door is open for you to access God in new found intimacy with Him that will change your life forever.


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