When Sprinkles Turn Into Storms


By Pastor Brenda Stewart

Emotionally turbulent…honest and righteously raw! This book compels readers to STOP…LOOK and LISTEN before crossing the intersection of deep faith and troubled waters. “When Sprinkles Turn into Storms” is Pastor Brenda Stewart’s personal story. Although it contains pages of pain sprinkled with brutal honesty, the message is a priceless piece of literary art. It presents with sheer beauty…one woman’s faith in God! It is truly a rare find when an author captivates the deep scars of personal life and allows faith in God to shape them. The scars become stars…giving light and direction to others caught in the unexpected…”perfect storms” of life. An absolute inspirational must read!Apostle Regina VillelaServants of the Streets MinistryElkhart, IN (USA)



When Sprinkles Turn into Storms – Paperback Edition – December 24, 2019


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