Mom Porter’s Legacy Tips for Happier Healthier Living


Mom Porter’s Legacy: Tips for Healthier Happier Living Paperback – September 3, 2020



Blessings to you, my readers! I am grateful to God for the opportunity to create this manual and leave a legacy for my offspring. I am now 89 years old and this is my second book. In my first book entitled, May I Pray With You? I shared years of insights and experiences the Lord gave while allowing me to travel the world praying for individuals of all races and ethnicities, all religions and backgrounds. In this book, I am sharing some random helpful tips and suggestions that have worked greatly for me throughout the years. From raising a family to keeping house to nifty tips while traveling, these are things I wish to pass on to the next generation in hopes that you will become even more blessed and encouraged in your life’s journey. For every person who reads this manual, I pray abundant blessings in every area of your lives. Now, know that this book is in no particular order, so enjoy and think of me every time you pick it up. -Mrs. Carrie L. Porter


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