Parent Empowerment by
Dr. Bern

(Feb 2011)


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As parents in modern day society, you face many terrifying challenges on a day to day basis. Some challenges are
typical growing pains that children must face as they grow into their own such as fitting in at school, finding their
place among peers and going off to college. Other challenges are more taxing, both physically and mentally, and
require you to look to other resources outside of yourself for help. These things are hard, yes, but with your faith in
God and trusting that He always has His hand on you they are not impossible to navigate through.

This book explores various life scenarios that are common throughout all socio-economic and cultural
backgrounds. There is something for everyone to be able to relate to. The “terrorist” in your home is simply life. Life
with God as your provider is not only bearable, but doable. If you are able to refer back to His word, you will always
find a way to be victorious over the terrors you face both in your home and in the world. It will also help you prepare
your children to face the terrors of life as a whole.

Dr. Bernadette Lockett Thomas mediates and ministers her parent empowerment sessions at court
rooms, conferences, meetings, business functions, community events and private bookings.

For bookings, contact:
Dr. Bernadette Lockett Thomas, Attorney at Law, Mediator, Parent Empowerment Coach
(281) 477-0417


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