The ME Within: The Surrender All Woman


The ME Within: The Surrender All Woman Paperback – January 21, 2019



Ever felt overwhelmed with emotions and not sure why? Ever wondered why relationships do not last or why you chose that particular person to love? No worries, you are not alone, it is all a journey. Some parts of the journey may be good and some parts may be not so go, but all in all, it is still a journey. Discover the most intimate parts of you, in order to heal holistically. In this book, I’ll be sharing and offering you navigational tips through what I believe are the different aspects of the journey to wholeness. Your journey helps you identify the real you and helps you comfortably unmask the best parts of you, both for yourself and others. Based on the insightful lessons I learned as God accompanied me through my journey, this book is designed to challenge and awaken you to the most important discovery of your life – the discovery of the YOU Within YOU! Join me in this life-changing transformational study of The Me Within and see why God is the Great Navigator of The Soul. Like me, I believe you will discover why the journey is so worth taking! Available for purchase with this book is a 48-page Workbook & Journal to practice applying what you learn in the book.


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