No More Fear, Becoming I AM Hardcover – January 23, 2022



From the moment you and I enter this world we are measured. At birth, practitioners assign APGAR scores to determine our health stats. If we do not meet a minimum requirement, we are placed into a special care unit to correct our deficiencies. Our parents wonder, “why is my baby not perfect or what did we do wrong?” This struggle continues not only during infancy, but throughout the rest of our lives. Living in the looming shadows of being constantly measured brings us to fear and never really face who we really are or who we can be, because we are always struggling to measure up. In No More Fear, Becoming I Am, Author Melissa Benson shares stories of her struggle dealing with the fears and how she triumphed to becoming who she was created to be. Throughout each chapter you will be inspired to journal reflections that help you identify what’s keeping you in fear and become empowered towards your own journey to becoming “I AM.”


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