by Edgar A. Folks
(March 2013)


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My first collection, A Sample of Me, is all about love and what’s defined by that emotion: how one
pursues a relationship and upon finding it, understanding through the trials of life that love is not
always unconditional. Nevertheless, the search continues, the hope isn’t restricted, but redirected
to a welcoming party with mutual aspirations of finding not just a date, but a soul mate. A Sample of
Me is not all about a man in love with the love of his life. It’s also about a man in love with His God.
You see, no man can truly be in love with his wife without knowing true love. So fellas, A Sample of
Me is not a sell-out, it’s already sold out! You’ll catch that on the way home; it’s an ‘Edgarism’ – my
way of speaking out in rare form. Explore this book and enjoy a few more Edgarisms as A Sample
of Me delivers just a glimpse of what the future holds for readers who enjoy smooth reflections on
love, faith, life, and everything in-between!

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