Apostolic Women Birthing Nations: A 21st Century Guide for 21st Century Ministry Paperback – April 18, 

by Apostle Deborah L. Anderson Ambassador and Speaker of the House

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 The Kingdom This book is written to the emerging new wine skins that are carrying an apostolic and prophetic anointing to advance the Kingdom of God! It is also written in defense of men and women who are in the process of stepping into the Office as five-fold ministry gifts to bless not only the Church, but the nations. A powerful “unchained” and timely message, it is designed to break strongholds and SHIFT mindsets regarding church membership to extend beyond the four walls of religious, institutional, gender-based, and denominational boundaries — all for the healing of nations. This is a 21st Century Guide for 21st Century Ministry that addresses the more critical and relevant issues facing our nation to reclaim the mission and purpose for which Christ established the New Testament Church. Apostle Deborah takes you on a journey through her valleys of the shadow of death to bring you the “Power of His Resurrection” that is available to everyone for reformation, recovery, and restoration to wholeness. A Trumpet Ambassador for the Kingdom, she is a very creative, compassionate, business savvy, and anointed inspirational speaker who presents the Word of God in a revelatory and engaging way. Deborah is A VOICE for the 21st Century whose time has come to be heard!

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Paperback: 170 pages
Publisher: Fully Persuaded Ministries (April 18, 2013)
ISBN-13: 978-0985228569


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