Quick Reference Guide to Miracles: A Handbook


Quick Reference Guide to Miracles: A Handbook of All the Recorded Miracles of Jesus Paperback – October 7, 2013

by McKinley Wells (Author)

WE WANT TO BE HEALED!” is the cry of the sick, the helpless, the poor, and the lame. Churches, hospitals, homes, and streets are filled with people in need of healing. Jesus said, “I am come that ye may have life, and that more abundantly.” Life more abundantly means a life full of hope, health, and vitality. Wherever Jesus went, that’s what He brought: a life full of hope, health, and vitality. Today, I believe with all my heart, God is willing to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh that we might be healed of all our diseases, distresses, and afflictions.


QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE TO MIRACLES: A Handbook of all the Recorded Miracles of Jesus is a simple tool designed to help the believer and anyone who is seeking Jesus, The Christ, to see Him – and upon seeing Him – to receive Him through the miracles He performed. We see many aspects of The Lord in the Gospels. We see His compassion, His love, His mercy, His goodness, and His power in all its splendor and glory! Yet, we are troubled in that we seem to have lost sight of Him performing miracles today. These 89 instances of miracles recorded in the Gospels are designed that we may never forget the power of Christ, but moreover, that we may do greater works than these through Him! I believe as you read this book of His recorded miracles, your faith will rise up and pull on the virtue and goodness of Our Lord, for virtue: goodness, mercy, and power flow through Him! (Miracle #34 Mark 5:25-34). I believe that you will see Jesus in a whole new light, for in His Light, do we see Light! (Psalm 36:9) This “light” is the revelation (revealing) of Jesus Christ in all His Glory! His Glorious Light has the power to heal, deliver, set free just like He did in the days of the first 12 disciples (Matthew 10:1, 8). He is still in the healing business today! My prayer is that you, the reader, will seek out His Light, His Love, His Compassion, and upon finding, you will accept and walk in His virtue to heal, deliver, and set free! Many are waiting for you to receive this revelation of Jesus Christ!


We want to be healed! -Elder McKinley Wells


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