THE LORD. THE LOVER. THE LIFE COACH SERIES: The Single Girl’s Guide to Purpose


The Single Girl’s Guide to Purpose™: Pregnant on Purpose™ 30-minutes to Divine Seed – An Overview and Exploration Tool (The Lord, The Lover, The Life Coach Series™) Paperback – January 18, 2021



PREGNANT ON PURPOSE™ Thirty minutes. That’s how long it took me to conceive. But it took me 30 years to believe what I received.When the Spirit of God begin to speak to my heart, I was driving home from work. Listening to love songs by Bebe and CeCe Winans, God, the Lover said to me, “I wish you would let me love on you like that!”After the foreplay was over, and a metaphorical nine months of carrying REAL seed, there it was – God’s brilliant birthing and my breakthrough to greater! GREATER LIFE. GREATER LOVE. GREATER ADVENTURE.Especially for adult women AND the men that love them, this is an Overview and Exploration tool/workbook designed to guide you through concepts that I have used to become spiritually pregnant and to conceive every single time. Whether you are wanting to birth: a baby, a relationship, a business, or a book, God doesn’t give accidental blessings. His blessings are all about PURPOSE. During this time of unprecedented trial, challenge, and change, there’s still no better time than the present to conceive God’s brilliant plan and purpose for your life! Single and married women will want to grab their honey’s and explore each exercise in this workbook! What, no honey? That’s okay. Don’t hate! Watch what happens internally and externally as you yield yourself to God!-Dr. Merle Ray


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