PREGNANT ON PURPOSE Birthing Your Dreams and Visions 2022 Edition: Coaching Workbook, Planners & Journal Series Hardcover – January 23, 2022



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Using principles given by the Lord, God has sent “The Brilliance Midwives” to help you become ‘Pregnant on Purpose!’ This book is filled with a year’s worth of Dr. Merle Ray’s powerful coaching questions for you to explore and ponder some of the greatest decisions awaiting you this year. Plus, Dr. Ray has provided a whole lineup of custom-made Goal Planners, Monthly Delivery Planners, Daily Planners, Business Planner, Book Planner, Journal Book Planner, Journal pages, and more included in this comprehensive resource. Each year, you will want to ELEVATE YOUR BRILLIANCE to the newly updated edition of coaching questions and planners as you move closer to your God-given destiny. Featured in this 2022 Edition to help you align your physical birthing process with your spiritual, you will love the “Birthing Goal Planners” created by Dr. Ray and contributed by Dr. Cassandra Scott of Houston, Texas.

Dr. Ray’s PREGNANT ON PURPOSE Coaching Workbook, Planners and Journal Series© is a magnanimous toolkit to help you see your dreams, visions, and blessings come to pass as you prayerfully purpose to spend focused intimate time in the presence of the King. Ask for God’s instructions and listen so you can set the right goals. Do research and seek the Holy Spirit on steps to carry out your destiny. Jot down what God gives you each day to get pregnant on purpose and birth your God-given brilliance!


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