HE’S JUST THAT INTO YOU: Signs That Tell His Love’s For Real


Signs That Tell His Love’s For Real
Merle Ray

(June 2009)


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So your last romantic love was just not that into you. Everyone has experienced that wake-up call. But why do we
women close our hearts to the very One who does desire us? Admit it – you don’t think He’s sexy right? For ages
women have shied away from relating intimacy with God to their need to be loved by a man. We talk to God about
other stuff, even ask God for a husband, but the secret topics like what fulfills our needs for romance and sexual
intimacy, have been typically reserved for girlfriends over coffee and cocktails or shopping. God is here to say that
— despite popular notion, He is the One who wrote the book on romantic love, intimacy, and sexual fulfillment for
you. –

There are times when you welcome the opportunity to jump into a new relationship, — and sometimes even an
intimate one — yet, you come to a screeching halt when God summons you into His bed chamber. When it comes
to being intimate with God, unlike the men in your life, God doesn’t send you mixed messages. Spend the night in
His bed chamber, and He will be there in the morning! Because, HE’S just that into you!

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