Miraculous Voices in the Medical Room


Miraculous Voices In The Medical Room 



As a medical doctor and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I’ve been a witness to gifts of healing and working of miracles performed by God! Because of this calling, I began journaling God’s Medical Miracles and Healings in 2000. I never knew those journals would become a book on the miracles I’ve seen from the medical room. This is the divine appointed time to share these true stories! I have emerged to tell you that the God of Miracles is still performing miracles and healing today!

The Lord spoke to me and told me to tell his people that nothing is impossible for Him (Jeremiah 32:27). “I’m Bigger than Heart Disease! I’m Bigger than Cancer! I’m Bigger than HIV!,” saith the Lord!

The God of Miracles is alive and performing them today! I’m not writing about what I heard; I’m documenting what I’ve seen God perform on earth! My eyes have seen the Glory of God! And now you can be a witness to these incredible modern day testimonies too by reading these true stories. Stand and behold the dynamic power of our God!

-Author, Dr. Sabrina Echols-Sampson


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