I made it through it all and you can too
by Maria Taylor
(June 2014)


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This book is dedicated to all the young girls and women who by no fault of their own experience condemnation,
anger, low self-esteem, rejection, and abandonment. These young women may not have had a Father-Figure in
their lives. There may have been absentee Fathers from which they could not glean self-esteem. In either case, no
father was there to show these little girls just how beautiful God made them, and that they were not mistakes.
Daughters, you exist solely because you have a Heavenly Father that brought forth your life and saw that you are
valuable. His love for you will never change! Misunderstood My Destiny! is my living testimony that you can go
through life’s trials and come out on Top! Each trial has an expiration date on it, and if you wait it through, you will
see why you needed to travel that road. –Author, Pastor Maria Taylor

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Paperback: 50 pages
ISBN: 978-1499323719

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