Save the Girls Workbook- Cancer Became a Victim of My Praise


SAVE THE GIRLS WORKBOOK: Cancer Became a Victim of My Praise Paperback – November 24, 2020



What’s Your Story? YOUR STORY! When I wrote the book, Save the Girls: Cancer Became A Victim Of My Praise, I knew I wanted to create a workbook for the readers. It was through the teaching of a young woman who taught “Reflective Practice” in a program that I’d attended rather nonchalant at work earlier. Little did I know that her coaching would become a supportive service that would transform the way I live my life. As I declared and decreed in the Word of God, I learned the importance of reflecting over my life to be healed, complete, and whole. I pray that you enjoy reading Save The Girls and completing the workbook as you begin reflecting on your way through your healing process towards wholeness. -Author, Yolanda Perry



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