BECOMING A SPIRITUAL POWERHOUSE What are your building plans?


What are your building plans?
Pastor Connie Brooks
(April 2011)

When you go to build a house, the first question you’re asked is, “where are your building plans?” To become
a Spiritual PowerHouse, you need a plan, the right tools, and certainly the right team.

WARNING: God doesn’t do mavericks!


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In this book, Prophet Connie Brooks lays out the tools, tips, and training to ensure your building is well-grounded.
This book is for anyone who has ever struggled through anything, but refused to give up because something inside
of you kept telling you to go on. Thank God for the Holy Spirit that never gave up on us. He causes us to triumph!
When you read this book, take a pen with you, and you may need a journal because you will hit places that will
make you stop, process, and think for a moment. Pastor Connie’s Spiritual PowerHouse is designed to give you 10
tools for becoming the “tabernacle of God.”

To buy this book or for bookings, contact:
Pastor Connie Brooks
Jubilee International Ministries
200 Center New Texas Road
Pittsburgh, PA USA 15239

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