There’s a WIN in Waiting


There’s a WIN in Waiting Paperback – April 18, 2019



Life can throw many curve balls, so we duck, dive, or bend to miss the hit, or we stand firm and prepare for the catch. In those milliseconds we are waiting for the ball to hit the glove for the catch, is when we prepare. Planting our feet for a strong stance with our knees slightly bent and our arms in place with hands open steady and firm ready for the ball that’s coming in hard. This is how we prepare for life. In this life, we will always find ourselves waiting, but it’s the process that builds our faith, character, and who God has created us to be. There is a purpose for everything, and every season, so don’t skip the process because it is the most important part of life. I hope this book encourages, motivates, and inspires you to not give up on your dreams and visions. But wait on the Lord for He will renew your strength. -Author, Tricia D.


Finding herself waiting on many occasions for a breakthrough, miracle, or a dream/vision to come to past, Author Tricia D says, “In this time of waiting is where I grew the most. I found out who I really was in my strengths and weaknesses. Needless to say I still struggle with those weaknesses, but at least I now know what they are, so I know how to pray until my change comes.” A compelling book for women of all ages, There’s a WIN in Waiting teaches us to look within the wait and not despise the process, but embrace it instead.



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