I’ve Got This Because He’s Got Me


I’ve Got This Because He’s Got Me

Paperback – February 27, 2019


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This book will empower you, the reader, to know without a doubt that you have value. My hope is that all who read I’ve Got This Because He’s Got Me will know that no matter the place you find yourself in life, God is always with you and your situation does not change His mind about you. I pray that God would reveal Himself through each stage of your life and allow you to identify where God is in your situation. I’ve learned that you don’t have to live the life that is handed to you, but you can live life intentional and on purpose. I’ve Got This Because He’s Got Me is for anyone who has been in a confused state, rejected, broken, misunderstood, insecure, with shattered dreams, and living with no known purpose in mind. My hope is that you will understand that in your situation, you are still bigger, and the circumstances you face are not unique. No one is perfectly sound in their own way of looking at things around them, but God created you with unique capabilities hidden within your spiritual DNA; it identifies you with Christ and gives you the right and the power to handle each and every situation according to His perfect will and design. So many times I felt alone in the situations that I encountered and felt that others had an advantage in life as if to say God had favorites. I learned that if I allowed myself to continue believing that lie, I would stay stagnant and never discover the truth of God’s real intention and His purpose for me, even during my adversities. I’ve always heard people say “trials come to make you strong,” while that may be true in some cases but we really recognize those areas where we are weak. This book is designed to encourage you to know that no matter the situation you may be facing, God is in the details. God is a present help. There is an opportunity in every opposition. God wants us to prosper, so if you find yourself in a mess, through your own fault, or no fault of your own, look for the message in the mess. You can find purpose right where you are – to grow, learn, and become a light in dark places. -Author, Christie Mangum


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