My Father Danced With Me
Psalms, Parables & Other Encounters
with the Father 
by Katherine Claudette
(Dec 2012)


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You are Mine. This book is dedicated to you.

You are the wonderful result of careful and purposeful planning from before the beginning of the world. You are My
beautiful creation. I had need of you in My life. I directed and your parents blessed Me with you. I asked your parents
to safeguard you until you were ready to come to Me. They did their best. Others may have needed to intervene and
join in the effort ~ all was not perfect. There was some stumbling along the way ~ but you came.

I have been waiting for you all of your life. Now, here you are, before Me. I AM delighted ~ you have made My heart
glad. Allow Me to sing to you. I will sing My Love Story over you. I want only the best for you, My precious one. Seek.
Knock. Ask. I desire to reveal Myself to you. I lay before you Life, Blessings and Good. Come to Me.

You are Mine.


Read this book and be reminded of what it was like as a child growing up with big dreams and wanting ‘Daddy’ to
make them all come true. God is waiting to dance with you! He wants to be with you at your first day of kindergarten,
high school, prom night, and graduation. He wants to share your wedding day, your first big game, and your biggest
disappointments, too.


Like the perfect secret admirer, God waits expectantly to see who will get the first dance? In Father Dance
, Ms. Katherine Claudette has shown us how to approach God with child-like faith and innocence to
“May I have this dance?” Katherine shows that you can partner with God and He will dance with you all of your
life. This book encourages all ages to give Him your first dance and your last.

Pastor Connie Brooks
Pittsburgh, PA (USA)


Ms. Katherine Claudette Campbell ministers in praise & worship, conferences, meetings, business
functions, church and community events as well as private bookings. She resides in Pittsburgh, PA
(USA) where she enjoys leading people into the presence of God. She is a worshipper, author, and
voice-over artist for books, CDs, and media. In the marketplace, Katherine is an Intellectual
Disabilities Counselor of over 20 years. She accepts bookings for both professional assignments
serving individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as faith-based work ushering people into the
presence of God through worship in song, psalms, stories, and training.


For bookings, contact: Ms. Katherine Claudette 412.254.3768


Copyright © 2012 by Katherine Claudette Campbell
All Rights Reserved.


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