Gifts From God Himself


Gifts from God Himself: 50-Day Devotional Paperback – April 7, 2019



Are you ready to receive a new outlook in your life? Are you ready to experience and enjoy the gifts of God that make you truly prosperous no matter what your issues or circumstances are in life? There are at least 5 Senses that Father God gives as gifts that I will share with you in this book. They are the Gifts of:

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch, and
  • Hearing.

This 50-day Devotional allows you to see the beauty in these 5 Senses that God has provided to us as human beings. My desire is to share with you how to become healthy and whole within yourself using these five gifts. This “Self-care” is essential because it is needed for your spiritual and physical man. Take this 50-day journey with me and you will see how:

  1. The Lord God opens up our eyes that we have 20/20 spiritual vision. Let God open up our eyes not to judge others but to look beyond situations that we may see what He has purposed for our lives.
  2. The Lord God opens up our noses that we smell the spiritual fragrances, those which are helpful and positive so that we know what to embrace, as well as those which are toxic and unsafe, so that we choose to stay away from that which can cause harm. Let the fragrance of our lives and lifestyles be pleasing in the nostrils of God.
  3. The Lord God opens up our mouths so that we may speak what He would have for us to say. Practice using our mouths not to criticize, but to speak with truth and love words that will edify, build up, and uplift instead of tearing down.
  4. The Lord God opens up our hands and hearts so that we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It is our prayer that Holy Spirit will give us direction and guidance for our journey here on earth, so that our hands will not seek to punish but to be merciful and give a helping hand.
  5. The Lord God opens up our ears so that we may hear His voice concerning His abundant life for us. It’s our desire to hear God’s instructions on how to be a disciple so that more disciples will come into the kingdom of God.

God’s Word along with our obedience is the key to our success and purpose in life. My prayer is that you would embrace this 50-day journey and watch God show Himself mighty & strong on your behalf.


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