CREATED 2 PRODUCE: Your Turning Point to Destiny


Your Turning Point to Destiny
by Dr, Cassandra Scott
(September 2012)


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CREATED 2 PRODUCE unravels the traumas of infertility both in the natural and the spiritual as Dr. Cassandra
Scott shares her own personal journey. Be empowered to overcome the difficulties that can arise when you decide
to give birth to the physical and spiritual baby you’ve always longed to hold. Life’s barren dry places leave us feeling
powerless and unfruitful. Whether we are dealing with: Divorce Unemployment Illness Failed business Betrayal
Death of a loved one Loss of a home Failed relationships Any challenging issue If we do not understand schemes
the enemy uses to get us to abort our dreams, we could very well miss our destiny. Bring forth your dream as Dr.
Scott shares her victory and that of others. God uses her as a spiritual mid-wife and physical coach to produce the
promises of God. “Knowing you are CREATED 2 PRODUCE is every reader’s portion,” says Dr. Scott. “Embrace
your ‘turning points’ instead of retreating. Turning points are critical crossover paths that change us for better or
worse: the choice is ours. Facing our turning points is the doorway to our destiny!”

Pastor Cassandra Scott
Houston, TX (USA)

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